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How to Add Value to Anyone, Whatever You Do


People want to be around those who add value. They want to spend time with, watch, read, and learn from others who make a meaningful contribution to their lives. The beautiful thing about this phenomenon is that anyone can add value! Though, it helps to know what "value" means.

I handle content (articles, social media, marketing, etc.) for Text Request. In the content marketing world, "value" means a piece of information that a consumer would not have otherwise had. Adding value, then, is giving something that will help a consumer through their buying journey, or to do their job better. But I think it applies more generally, too.

Adding value to someone's day could be giving them a few simple words of encouragement. It could be sharing a hilarious video with a friend to brighten their day. It could be providing insight into another's career or personal life. Adding value, in essence, is helping someone enjoy their life, and enabling them to be a fulfilled person.

We can all do that! In fact, people generally want to spend their time around others who will help build them up! You should do that. Who really wants to feel bad, or to be around someone who doesn't add value? That's not good for anyone.

I'm stumped to find a better phrase here. It's really cool how we all have opportunities every day to add value to others' lives. The only question is: How will you do it? How will you brighten someone's day? How will you lift them up? How will you help another be the best they can be? How will you add value?