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Where's the Balance Between Passion and Responsibility?


It seems that there's always a war going on in the creative's mind.

Maybe it's this way for everyone. Or maybe I'm crazy. It seems that there's a continual mental battle between those things in which a person is genuinely interested, and those obligations to which a person feels responsibility.

For whatever reason, these play competing roles, and there's rarely much overlap in the beginning stages of a career. The kicker is time.

Two tasks cannot occupy the same space in time. If you're spending time on your passions and interests, you aren't spending time on your responsibilities.

But you love your passions and interests! You don't want to give those up, even for a brief stretch.

It does seem, too, that fulfilling your responsibilities - whatever they might be - does open doors down the road for you to pursue your interests more openly, and at a higher level. Though that door could take years to open!

What's the cost? If you put off passion to fulfill responsibility, you risk becoming a shell of a person. One who does only what they're "supposed" to do, and who doesn't think for himself.

If you forego responsibility for the sake of passion, you risk becoming a burn out with no valuable set of skills or experience to offer anyone, or with which to support yourself.

Clearly there has to be a balance between the two, but what is it? What's the perfect ratio between passion and responsibility? Is there a perfect ratio at all?

It makes sense that responsibility should come first. This is what likely pays your checks and supports your family. You wouldn't necessarily need to go beyond what's expected of you, though.

Put in the work you need to put in, then further your personal interests. Grow your human capital where you want it to grow. Completing what's expected of you is priority, but growing where you believe you should grow is necessary.