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Want to Be More Productive? Procrastinate Like This


It's Monday. You probably feel a little rough. Over the weekend you did something different than what you spent the other five days of the week doing. You had a break in your routine. This causes a hiccup for everyone! 

Unfortunately, that hiccup comes on Monday morning. Maximizing Monday morning is pivotal. These few hours set the tone for your entire week! So let's make them the most productive yet.

Last week I covered increasing your productivity simply by checking your email at a certain time. This week's tip is a bit more fun. This is how you can increase your productivity by procrastinating.

No person can blast full speed ahead at 100% forever. Few can do it for more than an hour at a time! What do you do when you can't focus completely? You get distracted. You do something that makes you feel like you're working. But you're not actually working.

You're procrastinating while that nagging angel on your shoulder tells you to get back to work. But you can't work, because your mind isn't in the right place.

Sound familiar? The thing is, procrastinating could be used as a tool to improve everything else you do. Here's how to make that happen.

For every 45 minutes you work, take 15 minutes to goof off. Were you just in the zone for an hour-and-a-half? Awesome! Go throw the football for 30 minutes. Or sketch a coworker. Run go grab coffee. Actually run.

Do something, and make sure it's different than what you world normally do. Follow this simple principle, and all the time you do spend working will be more valuable than if you spent that time trying and failing to get stuff done. Here's why.

The brain becomes stifled very easily. If you stare at a wall long enough, you'll start to go insane! Why? Because your brain needs something to process. It needs change. It needs activity. And it needs all of this to come in many different forms.

For that same reason, your brain also burns out easily. If you're trying to work on the same thing - even just staring at a computer - for too long, your brain becomes worn out. It needs something else to process. It needs activity to keep it functioning at its peak. It needs a change of scenery, so to speak.

This Monday morning, I want you to procrastinate. For every 45 minutes you spend focused and working hard on a task, I want you to spend 15 minutes doing whatever the heck sounds good at the moment.

I want you to use the time you spend working to be the most productive you can be. I want you to feel better about your day, and to go to sleep at night feeling accomplished. By intentionally taking time to procrastinate, you'll be able to do more higher quality work in a shorter amount of time. Who doesn't want that?