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Want to Be More Productive? Take Coffee Like This


Everyone has their favorite kind of coffee and preferred way of taking it. For me it's a light roast through a French press. Others, a macchiato, extra hot. There's always someone who has to have an extra-whip, low-fat, caramel latte with an extra shot of espresso.

Whatever your preference, and whichever brand is your favorite, I'm glad you're able to sit back, enjoy your favorite cup of bean juice, and relax. But if you want to be more productive, here's how you should take your coffee.

Black coffee has no fewer than a dozen biomedical advantages. By foregoing cream and sugar, every part of your body will function and feel better, thus enabling you to be more productive. If you want to be more productive, take your coffee black. But there's a more time-sensitive reason for drinking black coffee, too.

I prefer making my own coffee. It saves time and money. But not everyone stays in the same place all day. Most people end up visiting a coffee shop on occasion (daily). Whenever you do this, you've got to avoid the drive-thru.

Unless you're the only person in line (doubtful), you can save anywhere from 5-15 minutes per trip by simply parking and going inside. Once you're inside, order a black coffee. If you absolutely must, you can manually add cream and sugar later.

When you just order a black coffee - from anywhere I've been - the cashier swipes your card, and hands you your cup of life before moving on to the next person. If you order any kind of mixed/specialty/crafted drink, your order goes to the back of the line. Then you sit and wait.

My average time for parking, ordering, and getting back in my car is about two minutes. Average time for my friends getting mixed/specialty drinks: 8-10 minutes. If you go once a day (not uncommon at all), you waste about an hour of your week waiting on a sugary, chemical filled drink that will literally kill you.

If you want to be more productive - and you have to stop somewhere - walk in and order your coffee black.