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It's Okay, Everyone Freaks Out About This


When we look around at others, for some reason, we assume they've got it together.

Maybe it's because we're blinded by emotion. Maybe it's because we think less of ourselves. Maybe it's because people are generally good at hiding this from others.

Whatever the reason, these situations make us feel alone. The truth is we're never alone in anything we do. That includes life change.

One of the most stressful, anxiety-inducing aspects of life is that period of time between stages. Going to college, graduating college, ending a long-term relationship, starting a new job, having a kid, retiring, losing a loved one - there are so many times when we're going to freak out!

You know what, though? You should freak out. Seriously! Moving into a new stage of life feels like a horror movie.

Everything's different. Somebody's probably out to get you. You sweat nervously for weeks. You over-analyze every decision you try to make.

Even if you know it's a wise move, it all feels so uncomfortable! Embrace it.

Everyone freaks out about moving into a new life stage. It's scary! People aren't lying when they say they're excited about what's coming next. But nine times out of ten that isn't the whole story. If you don't believe me, check their sweaty palms.

We freak out whenever we enter a new stage in life. Because of that, we hype things up and unintentionally isolate ourselves.

We tend to think we are less than, because we can't handle something coolly when it seems like everyone else is handling life change well. That's an illusion.

It's not all just inside your head. What you're going through is actually a big deal. But you've got to remember that it's okay.

It's okay to freak out. Everyone freaks out about these things! You're not going to ruin everything. You're not alone in this.