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This is My Favorite Writing Exercise


Everyone who writes regularly, I'm convinced, has their own favorite way of doing it.

Some write on the couch with a cozy blanket and a warm cup of tea. Some read poetry before they get started for inspiration. Others try to create an answer to whatever question they've been struggling with recently.

Whatever it is, everyone's got their favorite way. And it's not just writers! Ask any creative type how they go about creating, and you'll get a tendency.

Each person tends to do things this way or that. It's fascinating, really, because you can learn so much about a person through their creative tendencies.

Blogging daily is how I practice. My writing exercises are what you see posted every morning around 7:30 (9:30ish on weekends). And my favorite way to go about writing these pieces is to do exactly what I'm doing now.

I sit down, on any chair or couch in my apartment, and I start writing. That's it. Really!

Usually, I have a thought in mind - a thesis statement. But never more than that. After I've got the title or the first sentence in mind, I start writing, and I pray that something half decent comes out of the pen.

I hand write every post for every blog or publisher. I do this because it helps me create better content. I write slower than I think, forcing me to slow everything down and allowing me to process ideas more thoroughly.

But the physical motion of writing also stimulates the brain. Sitting and starting is my favorite exercise, because I rarely know where I'm going to go or end up before I start, but I do know that I'll figure it out along the way.

Obviously, there has to be some intention to fulfill a point or bring a story back around and complete the idea. But that doesn't have to be solidified before you start. It's exciting to go through that process, to just start and see what you can create!

How good can you get at creating stories in 30-minutes? It's fun. It's practice. I won't tell you to do this exactly, but have some fun with your writing! Start without an agenda a few times, and see what you can do.