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February Update: Adjusting this Year's Goals


My list of goals for 2016 has included things like publishing 100,000 words, reading thirty books, writing two books, gaining 5,000 followers, etc. Typing these out now makes them feel somewhat lofty. But I'm realizing they're not enough to take me where I want to go. They're easier than they sound, and they don't push me enough. So, I'm updating my goals to keep me on track for where I need to be this time next year.

I started off with the goal of publishing 100,000 words in a year. I actually started this one right after Thanksgiving. I've since released about one article every three days, placing me on track to hit a total of 150,000-175,000 words published. Clearly my goal isn't big enough if I can best it by 50-75%. I need to up my goal.

I also need to get to where I'm releasing content daily. Between my actual job, my side projects, Kennetic Expression, and the various sites to which I contribute, I may have seven pieces of content go out every week. But they're not all in one location, and that makes it more difficult for people to keep up with me, which makes it more difficult for me to grow. I need to work towards publishing daily content right here on Kennetic Expression. Everything else can be a bonus.

Right now I have another goal to reach 5,000 followers by the end of 2016. Honestly, this one still feels a bit lofty since I only now have around 2,000 followers (if that) between half a dozen platforms. But I really need to hit the 10K mark this year to be able to reach the steps in my long-term goals. I want to write books. I am writing books, but I'll need to be able to sell them. In order to sell them, and generally build my brand, I'll need to have a decently sized and reliable audience to present my work to.

Admittedly, the number 10,000 is arbitrary. I'm not sure if there's a golden follower count to reach before things take off, but 10K can't be a bad start. Right?

Ultimately, I'm trying to get to a place where I have the option to work completely and totally for myself. I'm currently doing this around my 9-5 marketing gig, which is fine, but it doesn't involve the independence and creativity I crave. Not at the moment, at least. If I'm going to even have a chance at quitting a full-time position to work on what would be called a home business, there's at least two things I'll need to have in place.

I'll need a steady income on the side that would, by itself, be enough to get my wife and I by. At the moment, that number would be roughly $2,500/mo. I'll also need to be able to scale that and start growing exponentially as soon as I were to quit my day job.

I plan on most of the revenue coming from this triangle. Ads, ebook downloads from content I'll need to finish creating, and a list of 10,000 plus followers to view and purchase these things.

Personally, I really like these goals. They're a bit daunting, especially as I feel almost burnt out after only January. But I know this is what I have to do (if not more) to get where I want to be. I have goals in place. I have detailed plans to reach those goals. Let's do this!