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How Do You Find Inspiration to Create Every Day?


Creating is what I do. It's part of how I describe myself, and where I find a piece of my identity.

Creating is something I do every day for both this blog and for Text Request. With all of this, you'd think I'd be pretty good at finding inspiration on demand, right? Not exactly.

The whole process is very frustrating. Inspirations means nothing without motivation. You probably experience this at work all the time. You have these great thoughts about X or incredible ideas about Y, but then you don't have the drive to carry them out. That's perfectly normal!

The same applies when you switch roles. You can be pumped to get work done and be productive, but have no idea where to start (this is what I more commonly struggle with). And I think that's the key to finding inspiration to create every day - that you start.

Whether at work or home, the toughest part of finishing a task or project is starting that task or project. After you get started (though it may take you several minutes to get going) you've got about 45 minutes to crank out some quality stuff.

Maybe you've got less time, maybe more, but 45 minutes on and 15 off is about average for focused brain power.

Once you actually force yourself to start, there's a plethora of ways to find inspiration, or to generally come up with ideas you can expound upon. I know, because at one point or another I've had to try everyone of them. It's not always easy, but they do work.

The trick I use most often is this. I sit, and I think. I've got my pen in my hand and my notebook on my lap, and I think. At this point I've decided to start, and now I'm trying to come up with an idea.

While doing this I tend to think in titles and headlines, like "what does it actually look like to hustle every day?" or "ways to get over writer's block," or even "how do you find inspiration to create every day?"

What I'm trying to do is go through topic after topic and brainstorm. For instance, writing every day is just something I do now. So that topic comes to mind a lot. As I'm brainstorming, I might think, "what does it take to create daily habits like this?" And so the chain continues.

If you've ever tried this, you know how well your brain works to help carry you in different directions until you find something you like. It may take several minutes, it may even be really frustrating, but this has been a foolproof method of self-inspiration for me.

Another way that works well for me is reading. I have several motivational/daily quote apps that work well as writing prompts. But more than that, I'll grab a non-fiction book that interests me. By the end of a chapter, I've got enough inspiration to create something.

Inspiration, really, is just some piece of stimulation that queues a chain of thoughts. It's difficult to find meaningful inspiration, though, because it's worthless without motivation. 

It's also difficult to find a good idea that you haven't already used. I can't say there's a golden ticket to finding grandiose inspiration every day, but there are at least a handful of ways to help you brainstorm every time.