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How Can You Find Time to Create Every Day?


There's a dozen reasons why you might want to create every day. It's your way of expressing yourself. It's how you make extra money. It enables you to feel whole.

Whatever your reason for wanting to create, creating is a part of your identity. But most of us have so much going on that it almost doesn't matter how much we want to create. Who has time for it?

Between kids and work and pets and spouses and church and sports and work and book study and errands and chores and work, how can you still make time to create every day? You're tired just from reading that sentence! It starts with a decision.

I don't mean a decision to neglect some other commitment in order to free up time, though that very well could happen. It starts with the decision to make creating a priority. Humans have a tendency to make time for things we call priorities.

You enjoy creating, it's a part of who you are. If someone put you on the spot and asked "Is creating a priority?" you'd say "yes." But if you're not finding time for something when you're busy, how can you call it a priority?

Step one, then, in finding time to create every day has to be making it a priority. Write it down. Tell your significant other. Blog about it. If something is a priority of yours, people should know about it.

From there, you will naturally begin to find time for creating daily. You'll take to heart this commitment to make creating a priority. As that's ramping up, here's a few ideas to help you.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier. You'll feel better about getting more done. Utilize your lunch break for creating. It can help you rejuvenate for the afternoon.

Create as soon as you get home in the evening. Avoid settling into a comfortable couch too early. Tell your family, "Help me force myself to create every day." This establishes accountability.

If you want to find time to create every day, then I want you to focus on one thing. I want you to focus on making creating a priority. Finding time to do something you claim is already part of your identity should be a priority! 

As creating becomes a more established priority in your day-to-day, you will find time miraculously opening up for you. You will find time for your priorities.