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Forget a Savings Account, I'm Giving My Kid Social Media


Influence is power. Power is having influence. Both of these terms can be used interchangeably with success, and they all lead to financial security. This has always been the case, and with the rise of social media, gaining influence has become substantially easier.

I want to give my children the best opportunities available. Most do! I don't want to hand them everything on a silver platter, but I want success to be well within their grasp should they choose to reach for it. I want to set them up to do well, to have enough influence on the world that they can make a positive, lasting difference.

Social media allows anyone to build influence. Social media gives you power. Use it well, as so many of this generation have, and it can propel you to whatever you want to do, wherever you want to do it!

Traditionally, when two adults decide to raise a child, they make some effort, however great or small, to stock up a nest egg that the child can use for college, a car, a house, etc. The mindset here, which is rather wise, is that by doing a little bit over a long time, they can set this child up to be better off when he or she reaches adulthood. It's all about giving a leg up.

Let's apply this same concept to social media. But first, please understand that social media is not just a few websites like Facebook. Social media is the embodiment of the world wide web. Because of how search engine optimization (SEO) and social media in general work, this concept of giving a leg up in life translates rather well.

By creating profiles (savings account), contributing to them regularly (monthly payments), monetizing them (interest rates), and teaching your children how to handle social media in a professional way (personal finance), you can set them up to have all the influence they could dream of!

That means they won't have to worry (as much) about finances or employment or going to the right school. You've just spent decades creating every opportunity in the world for them!

Influence is the currency of the digital realm. Digital is only growing more prominent and more centered in our lives everyday. Instead of contributing to their savings account, I'm going to set my kids up for success by helping them grow their digital influence.