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Getting Work Done When Everything Is Going On


You've got work. You've got family commitments. You've got travel. Events. Hobbies. Friends to see. Other commitments of varying kinds. You're really busy.

At some point or another, we all relate to this. But it doesn't matter that you're busy. Commitments and obligations don't disappear when you've got more going on than normal. They don't care what else is happening, they just expect you to attend to them. It brings up the age old question: How do you get everything done?

Sometimes two things are going to be going on at the same time. You can't possibly do one thing when you're doing another. In these situations, you're out of luck, except to pick the one that's most important. But. If when you've got to do something is flexible, and the important part is simply that you get it done, this can help you.

Tell me you don't have enough time to do something, and I probably won't believe you (here's why). Getting work done when everything is going on takes discipline, awareness, quality time management, and the ability to say "no." It sounds like a lot. But is it? Here's the easiest action that combines all of these attributes, and helps you get stuff done.

Tell the one(s) you spend the most time with what's on your plate. Pretty simple, right? Too often we hide how many things are on our to-do list so that we don't seem stressed, or so that we don't feel as if we're imposing on the other person. It's interesting, because sharing this will nearly always work out in your favor.

If you have to travel out of town for a family emergency, they'll probably understand that the rest of your responsibilities don't cease to exist merely for your trip. If you've got a social commitment, or even a volunteer/church event, they will all understand if you say, "Hey, I'm glad to be here, but I'm slammed with [work] right now, and I need to head out by [this time] to get it done."

When you share what you've got to do, people understand. We've all been there! We'll all be there again, too, and sooner than we'd like. Once those around you understand what's going on, it's easy for them to help you. It's also easy to slip away and crank out a task or two.

The encouragement and understanding they'll show will also be a surprisingly large motivational boost for your work. But if you don't let people know what's going on, you're just going to suffer!

You're either going to be halfway involved in the moment, because you're thinking about everything you need to do, or you're going to be fully involved in the moment, and intentionally make time for everything else as you go. The minutes are there to use, you just have to choose the right ones.

When you're incredibly busy, you probably still have time to do everything on your plate. It simply takes a bit more intentional structure for when you do XYZ.

You can't always be in two places at once. But by sharing what you've got to get done with those around you, you'll create an environment that will propel you to finish everything you've got to get done.