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How Can You Stay Motivated After Failure?


People mess up, a lot. And so I wanted to write something super motivational.

Something with the motif that you always control your next step, or that's it's always better to try, even if you fail.

To be honest, I'm struggling to come up with anything good. Not because it's impossible to rise from your mistakes. Of course you can!

Mistakes, and the feelings that come from them, exist to help us grow and improve and do better as we learn more.

So I'm not struggling to come up with a lesson on overcoming mistakes.

I'm struggling because failure is such a hopeless concept, and I tend to be a rather hopeful person.

Failure means you've done everything you can, you're worse for it, and that's it! There's no next step.

It's over, it's done. You tried, you failed, and that's it.

Failure is a state of being. There are no second chances in failure.


People who become washed up, lethargic, and drains on society are described (by themselves or others) as "failures." They've plateaued at best.

People who mess up just as much and miss just as many opportunities, but who get up and try again, recall those mishaps as blips on their way to success.

Failure is when you let your mistakes, the world, or anything else keep you down for life. Everything else is a lesson, a stepping stone on your journey to wherever.

Innate to each and every one of us is a desire to build and to create and to find fulfillment in what we're able to do. Failure is letting your decisions or circumstances blow that candle out forever.

How horrid!

And that's why I'm having difficulty coming up with a way to stay motivated after failure. Because for anyone who cares about motivation, or who cares about any kind of self improvement, failure is irrelevant.

You might as well ignore failure - drop it from your vocabulary!

What's failure, anyway?


We all make mistakes, some more than others, and that's fine - on one condition.

Whenever we make a mistake, whether it's negligible or gargantuan, we have to be willing to pick up what's left, and keep moving.

Keep creating, keep learning, keep trying, keep improving.

Otherwise, failure wins.

You want to know how you can stay motivated after failure? Whatever it takes, find a way to pick yourself up and keep moving.