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One Huge Benefit of Writing Every Day You Would Never Think Of


As many of you have realized, about 10 weeks ago I began writing every day. I've done this very intentionally to build my skills and grow a following throughout 2016.

Since starting, I've been able to see what results I expected actually take place, which has been great! A few new people find value in my content day after day. Traffic is steadily growing. I'm starting to get useful feedback. 

But what I didn't expect, and what I'm glad to have discovered, is how much personal and mental progress there is to be gained by writing through a situation, piece of advice, or anything!

I never would have considered myself much of a journalist, mostly because I thought for the longest time that journaling was stupid (even though studies show those who journal regularly are far healthier than those who don't).

Clearly I was wrong. I try not to talk about myself directly much, but every part of this blog is effectively my public journal.

When I talk about being positive, it's because I'm struggling with frustration and self-defeating thoughts. When I share productivity tips, it's something I've learned that I'm trying to implement into my own life.

When I write about creating, or how to come up with ideas, or anything, it's because I'm trying to work through and figure out that topic for myself.

Going through every piece of information like that enables me to do two things. It enables me to slow down and physically process the issue at hand. And it enables me to more easily implement what I've just processed.

This is a huge benefit that I never would have thought of! Because of it, my thoughts are more clear throughout the day. I'm less stressed. I'm able to sleep better. I'm often more productive. And I'm far more self-aware.

Writing every day provides a level of introspection that I would not otherwise be able to have. I'm pleasantly surprised and thankful for how it enables me to process the world around me, and how I can use that to better it in what little ways I can. It's something I strongly recommend to everyone!