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The Key to Happiness & Success is Small Victories

Key Happiness Success is Small Victories

Here I am, sitting at my desk at home. The clock shows 10pm on the dot. Freshly made butterscotch cookies waft through the air. And I'm happy to be working on something.

I feel progress. All these pieces are moving around me, and each is focused on growth. It's beautiful! It's inspiring.

It genuinely encourages me to work more, smarter, and harder. It's amazing what a few positive stimulants can do for you, for your attitude, and for your work ethic.

I feel hope again! (Not to be melodramatic or anything.) Id' gotten into a bit of a rut at work. Myself and others in the office have been able to move faster as individuals than as a team.

That's not a bad trait, per se, but it's defeating when you feel like you're being held back. Except, a few weeks ago, the gate was opened. And everything I'd been fighting to make happen over the last 15 months has happened!

Finally, success! Not quite.

It's a small victory, but a very rewarding victory, because, well, it's a victory! And victories are outrageously motivational.

Small Victories Still Victory

I wasn't in a deep depression or numb beforehand. At worst I was melancholic. But this event has been a wonderful reminder.

If you want to keep or increase your motivation - if you want to fuel your drive - you've got to create these small victories for yourself.

Small victories are what get you through! Small victories are what add up to become giant victories. I'd completely forgotten about this!

We'd gone months without these small victories! Now I'm starting to process how necessary they are. Now I"m beginning to internalize the need for small victories as a critical component to success and to self-actualization.

How, exactly, do you intentionally create them? I'm not entirely sure. I'm still figuring that part out. Sorry, folks.

Maybe it's through something like asking your boss for that slight raise you need and deserve.

Maybe it's through getting your writing published somewhere.

Maybe it's through completing your chemo treatments. Or finishing marriage counseling. Or going 6 months sober.

Key Happiness Success Small Victories

Life can be tough. Heck, life is tough! There's a whole heap of you going through things far worse than I will ever have to go through!

And it's in these times especially - when you feel despair or hopelessness - that you have to create a moment of victory for yourself.

You can do it! What will it be? What will be your moment when the gate opens, and everything that is beautiful emerges?

Find your motivation to keep going through it. Find that small victory, and celebrate it, because it's a victory! You did it!