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Learning Your Gifts & Understanding Where You Belong


Everyone wants to feel secure. Everyone wants to feel that they have something worth contributing. Everyone wants to belong. Few have a firm grasp on where they should be, or what they should be doing. And that's okay!

A past president of my alma mater would regularly give his "Big C, little c" speech (something I'm grateful for, looking back). The speech was about calling. Everyone's searching for their calling, for where their gifts and skill sets belong to do the most good and allow for the most personal fulfillment.

Everyone has the same Big C calling: to disciple others, be a positive influence, and create a better world. This is the overarching theme of one's life. The ways in which you fulfill your Big C calling are different for everyone, and typically change several (dozen) times over a lifespan. This is your little c calling: where you're able to belong and contribute on a daily basis using your gifts and skill sets.

Your little c calling could be in real estate, doing quality business and helping families establish their lives. It could be as a stay at home parent, nurturing and developing the next generation. It could be being an average person doing their best work daily and shining a light for others. It could be just about anything!

For instance, I've been wanting to write more and better, and for some time was freaking out about what I could actually do with that. Right now, I feel that my little c calling is bringing others up through writing. I've only embraced this recently, and I'm sure it will change sooner than I'd like!

We all have our own individual gifts, skill sets, and personalities. That means a little c calling that's perfect for one person is going to be absolutely terrible for another. You don't need to feel pressured to live up to somebody else's expectations of what's right for you.

You're not always going to know what your little c calling is, or what you should be doing in however many years down the road. And that's okay! While you're searching, know that you're not the only one who feels uneasy about where they should be or what they should be doing.

In all cases, know that you do have the abilities to fulfill your Big C calling in some way or another: to lift others up, to be a positive influence, to disciple, to help others grow, and to improve the world in however small or large a way that's right for you. It's okay not to know what you're supposed to be doing right this second. It will come.