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I Let My Foot Off the Gas, and It Feels Terrible


I do not want to be doing this right now.

It's 10:30 at night. I'm tired. There's no fewer than a dozen things I'd rather be doing. I haven't even touched a book in days! I'm completely drained. Yet here I am, writing for my little blog. Why?

For the first time in a bout seven weeks, I missed a day of posting yesterday. I feel absolutely terrible about it! I've also missed posting for work a few times recently. It's all quite inexcusable. So I missed a day. What's the harm?

I know that to reach my personal goals, and for our company to reach our goals together, there are certain things I've got to do every day. I've been doing those things. And we have been growing! I've actually seen my personal traction and that of Text Request's begin to grow significantly as of late. This makes my shortcomings that much more painful.

Under normal circumstances, these lapses could be excusable. After all, everyone's been absolutely swamped at work for weeks. Something's bound to fall through the cracks. And I just spent 18 hours driving for a family "situation."

There's only so much any one person can do, but I feel terrible about missing posts because I'm only now getting the taste of growth.

I've been putting in hours upon hours, day after day, gaining traction. And then I just let it slip? That's not acceptable in any situation! For all of us, there are going to be moments like this. Maybe it involves fitness, or writing a book, or anything.

We work our tails off to gain traction, and then when we do start to get somewhere, we take our foot off the gas ever so slightly. Before we know it, we're back to square one.

There's going to be times when we feel that lapsing on whatever commitment is okay, maybe because we're super busy, have already done well enough, or some other reason.

What kind of commitment is it if you allow it to lapse, even for a day? What kind of discipline is it if you give into temptations? In these situations, we all know exactly what it is we should be doing. It's excusable not to do that.