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What Does Love Look Like Through Everyday Actions?


"Love ain't a thing. Love is a verb."

Think of all the situations that would be avoided if we each chose to show love in everything we do. You have the opportunity to cut somebody off in traffic, but instead you wait patiently.

You have the chance to get frustrated when your boss critiques you, but instead you try to implement what's suggested.

You could be passive aggressive towards your significant other when they neglect to do the dishes for the twenty-seventh time this month (sorry, Honey), but instead you politely work a deal with them (thanks, Honey).

Often, when we think about the world needing more love, kindness, grace, or some other admirable attribute, we think about how positively others would begin treating us. We're always the good guy, right? But what if we each took an action today to instead show love to someone else?

One of the biggest things I see, and something I'm of course guilty of myself, is aggressive driving. If you want to make the world a better place, start with obeying the law. Everything will be okay if you don't fly through that red light or speed through that school zone.

I could show love today by being a more careful driver. I could also show love today by cleaning up the house, paying someone a compliment, or showing respect to those in authority. These, and countless other seemingly insignificant actions, are perfect situations in which to show others love. There's minimal effort, and a massive return over time.

You'll feel better. Others will feel better. The cycle will expand and improve. You and those around you will have happier, higher quality lives! But it all starts with one.

Love, and the fact that world needs more of it, has little to do with everybody giving to charity, or letting you off the hook when you screw up. Love is showing kindness, grace, and patience in the mundane of daily living. That's what the world needs more of! How will you show love today?