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What's the Most Difficult Part of Building a Personal Brand?


Everyone has influence. Everyone with an online profile has, in the most basic form, a personal brand. You're sharing stuff. You're trying to get people to engage with you in some way.

Whether intentional or not, you're selectively doing things to present your best self, or to provide something others will like.

If you're not intentionally trying to build anything, if you're just active online because you enjoy it, none of this really matters. But if you are intentionally trying to build yourself into a brand, this is everything! 

You have to be selective in sharing only what your audience will enjoy! That's the difficult part.

I don't know that this should be the case, but I learn far slower than I write. There's only so much that can be shared and actually offer value. There's only so many interesting things I can do every month. 

That's the most difficult part of building a personal brand. It's so hard to provide relevant, valuable content within the guidelines of your brand day after day.

Eventually you start to run out of new things to offer! That's not good for anyone. But you can only learn so quickly. You can only come up with new ideas to discuss so often. The rest offers no value, and might even hurt your personal brand! That's not good for anyone.

What's the solution? There's always a solution to any problem (albeit potentially complex and unreasonable). Obviously there are ways to "hack" this problem, such as by covering the same information using different words, or by creating less frequently.

I'm not a big fan of either of those, and I think the best solution might simply be this.

Keep failing - and keep learning - as fast as you can. Every time you screw up, that's something new to talk about, to share and elaborate on.

How can others avoid the same mistake? Every time you read something interesting in a book, you can expound on that.

Typically, we're able to create faster than we learn, which makes it so difficult to keep up a solid pace where we add legitimate value to others (and boost our personal brand). Is there a quick fix? Probably not.

The best choice might simply be to try more new things faster, and to share those experiences in a way that viewers can benefit.