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The Paradox of Creating


My relationship with paradoxes is, well, paradoxical.

I love them and I hate them. They're interesting, but confusing. And they can show up anywhere. Look at jumbo shrimp, for crying out loud! Paradoxes are all over, yet the most common one you've probably never thought about.

Creating takes place in nearly every industry. Creating is not synonymous with the arts. Creating is part of the framework for everything from software development to marketing to architecture to writing to politics - you get the idea.

In any occupation - to generalize - you're either creating or analyzing. This means that creativity is more than just a character trait HR professionals put on a job listing. It's a necessary part of each of our days.

Have you thought about that? Have you thought about the paradox of creating? We all say that's the part of our job we love - creating, building, problem solving, etc.

It's where we find fulfillment. It's where we're able to add value. But it's also what leaves us dog tired at the end of the day. Creating takes a lot of brainpower. So while we love the respective creative components of our jobs, they are what wear us down.

Maybe you have thought of this before. I hadn't until yesterday. Most people would choose to use their free time to rest instead of work, right? For most of us, that "rest" probably includes some creative hobby - writing, painting, music, even golf!

During our time of rest, we choose to do something that will leave us drained. Yet it also leaves us feeling refreshed and fulfilled (which is why we do it).

Creating both makes you feel really good, and completely wears you out. It's both restorative and draining. It's what we love about our work, and why our work leaves us wanting to sleep. Creating is a paradox. And I love it.