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The Pros and Cons of Creating Every Day


Like many, I create every day. It's not something I just have to do, lest my creative spirit explode. Creating every day is a very intentional effort, something I know I've got to do to get where I want to go.

Anytime you do the same thing every day, you're going to analyze that act constantly. You'll see there's both positives and negatives.

PRO: When you create every day, you're going to get better at what you do. Even if you have poor techniques or make the same mistakes over and over (which you obviously want to avoid), you're going to improve much faster than if you weren't creating every day.

It takes about 10,000 hours of doing anything to become great at it (an expert that stands out above the rest). The sooner you reach 10,000 hours worth of practicing your craft, the better your career will be. Creating every day helps you get there faster.

CON: Creating all the time can be enjoyable. But if you're creating, you're not doing something else. That means other things you value and enjoy will fall by the wayside. For me that means I read less (barely at all now), and spend less time on outdoor activities. I don't spend much time with friends, or binge watching the latest Netflix hits, either.

All of these would be really enjoyable, but they have to be sacrificed to make time for creating. It can feel a bit limiting if (as in my case) you work, write, sleep, repeat day after day.

PRO: Doing something every day gives you the opportunity to make a difference every day. At least, it does if you make your creations public. Should I write something positive or motivational, there's always a chance to brighten someone's spirit. Should I write on a Lifehack, there's the opportunity to improve someone's routine. This goes a long way towards fulfillment!

CON: It's never a stretch to feel like you keep working, keeping creating, and just aren't getting anywhere. Were I to only sit down and create every, say, third day, there's a chance I would feel better and better about my work each time. Not so when you're doing it every day. There's not enough room for contrast or comparison.

It's similar to exercising and losing weight. You can't really tell a difference day to day, but if you look at it month over month, you see you've improved by leaps and bounds (hopefully). When you're creating every day, you're often pressed for time and focus. You end up questioning whether this thing you're creating is good enough for others to see. The rigmarole can be rather dispiriting.

All in all, the pros of growth and making a difference, in my opinion, outweigh the cons of toilsome sacrifice. In fact, the sacrifice and long hours might make the end results that much sweeter.

If you're a creative, or simply trying to improve at one thing or another, you need to be doing it every day. It's not always easy, but it does get easier. You will get better, and you'll look back months down the road thankful that you stuck to it.