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What Are Some Simple Things You Can Do to Make Yourself Feel Better?


As I'm writing this, it's Saturday. It's about 1 o'clock, and I feel very... bland.

It's going on two weeks since I tore something in my knee. As a result, I'm very limited in what I can do, and, as would be the case with anyone, I'm going stir crazy.

There's not much I can do, so of course I want to do everything! But I can't, and so I feel blasé. The perk in this, however, is that I'm very sensitive to things that make me feel better.

I can pick up on my mood changes and the coinciding physical effects more easily. From that, here are a few simple things that make me feel better, and that I can only assume will work for nearly everyone else, too.

Clean the house a bit, or at least the room you spend the most time in. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, which weighs you down. For me today, doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen have helped. After writing this, I believe I'll tackle tidying up the rest of the house. I might even dust!

Disconnect for a few hours. You're reading this via some device connected to the internet. That's a beautiful thing! When you're not feeling your best, though, a screen can be kryptonite.

Everything we could ever want, and all the entertainment we could possibly consume, can be accessed online. But something simple that can make you feel better is putting that device aside for a bit. Maybe all you do is sit. Maybe you write or paint or read a book or exercise. Whatever you do, disconnecting is a great way to freshen yourself up.

Go outside! The only way I can really move around is on crutches right now, but I'm amazed by how much it helps to simply sit outside for 30 minutes! Vitamin D is a very helpful little guy. So is fresh air. If you're feeling gloomy, get out into the sunshine. If it's raining, sometimes that feels good, too.

Take a shower. There's something magical about hot water running over your body. Maybe it's because people tend to shower in the morning, but showers have this ora of starting over. Of clearing away what's already happened in preparation for what's coming. They're so rejuvenating! If you're having a bland day, try taking a shower to start things over.

On top of these four, there's a handful of other simple things you can do. Drink a glass or two of cool water. Listen to music. Drink a cup of coffee. Eat some fruit. Get out of the house. Do something productive, or check something off your to-do list.

When you're not feeling great, I think the biggest thing to do is move around. Do something.

We always feel our most bland and sluggish when we've been sitting on the couch staring at our phones or complacently binge-watching a show. If you want something simple to make you feel better, be active.