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What If Wanderlust Is the Key to Your Next Big Career Move?


I have this asinine idea. In fact, I've had it for quite some time. It's been eating away at me, consuming me, and confusing the ever-living out of me.

I've been so gung-ho about this crazy scheme that even my wife's on board with it! No small feat for any man.

I want to move to New York City (I'm from small town Georgia, living in Chattanooga). I want to be surrounded by the glamorous chaos of that concrete jungle.

I want to get in with some giant media company (looking at you, Condé Nast). I want to be a part of that ever-stressful, always improving skyline of culture. I want to be enveloped by the ora.

You are probably thinking, "Kenneth, that's crazy. Why not travel anywhere else? You have the entire world available to you, and you choose New York?

Why not backpack through Europe, or do something more adventurous?" You're not wrong. Those things would be wonderful. The nuances of culture and discovery would be fascinating! But there's a bigger opportunity.

What if your desire to be somewhere new and different is what catapulted you into a new career where you would thrive?

What if you had to figure out some way to support yourself during these impassioned trips, and stumbled upon the best possible opportunity for you?

What if wanderlust is the key to your next big career move?

Does it seem implausible? I believe it's more realistic than you'd first think. I've been mentally freaking out about just up-and-leaving for NYC (taking my wife with me, of course).

Accordingly, I've been looking into all sorts of possible jobs. Everything from those I've done before to those on the fringe of my current abilities. Through it,

I've discovered dozens of positions and opportunities in which I fully believe I could thrive. This crazy dream could become a very practical reality. That's amazing to me!

It's not amazing because of my skill set - nothing like that. It's amazing because of the path that brought me to this discovery. I want to go to X. I'm good at A, B, and C. What does that equate to in terms of opportunity? Apparently it equates to a lot!

I would still be blithely unaware of these possibilities were it not for this insatiable urge to get out and experience something (some place) new and incredible. Think about this for your own life.

You have wants and desires. There are places you want to go, things you want to experience. What's holding you back, I'd wager, is less of what you've already got and more of the uncertainty around what you might not have once you get there. But what if?

What if you found something you could enjoy? Better yet, what if you found something in which you could pridefully excel, in an amazing place that you've been yearning to experience?

What if your prized career opportunity is out there, calling for you from the place you most want to be? All you have to do is look!