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12 Ways to Make Monday Better


You just had a great weekend, full of relaxation and family fun. Now to head back to the office for another week of productivity. If only your weekend happiness could carry over into your week! Monday's don't have to be rough. They can actually be good, even as enjoyable as your weekend! Follow these steps to make it so.

1.  Exercise in the morning.


Embrace the paradox. Sleep a little less each morning. Feel more alert and happier throughout the day. Even if you absent-mindedly walk around your block for half an hour, the boost early movement gives your body create both a happier and a more relaxed individual.

Mondays often aren't the best, so you might as well start your day by doing something to make you happy and relaxed.

2.  Get some fresh air in the afternoon.


Walk out of those imprisoning office walls and breath deep the fresh air of freedom! Warm, sunny days are wonderful. But even on the most brutally hot or drearily rainy days, it's good to spend a little time outside. The change of scenery increases creativity, and the fresh oxygen stimulates your cells.

3.  Eat copious amounts of chocolate.


Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

I used to think chocolate made everything better. Now I know it does. The go-to for distraught women everywhere, chocolate is one of the few foods whose massive consumption brings no shame.

Chocolate listens. Chocolate understands.

4.  Talk to an old friend at length.


A few college friends and myself used to grab breakfast together at Cracker Barrel or Bojangles at 6am on Monday mornings. We knew our Mondays were going to be the roughest day of the week, so we decided to improve the situation with tasty food and fellowship. Those are still some of my favorite memories.

Get together with a group of close friends, or just shoot someone a text in the morning and carry on the conversation intermittently throughout the day. Those little moments will be sure to put a smile on your face and make it easier to get through the day.

5.  Take a nap.


Rest is good. Rest is better after you've spent the weekend throwing off your sleep schedule. Take 15-20 minutes during your day to block out the noise and give your brain a quick reboot.

On your lunch break, right after work, in between dropping the kids off and picking them up - close your eyes to rest for a few minutes. Breath out your daily anxieties.

It's good to work hard throughout the day. It's also good to take some you-time.

6.  Walk into a coffee shop.


You don't even have to buy anything! Smelling freshly ground and brewed coffee has a stimulating effect on the brain, causing you to feel more awake and happier.

Drinking coffee, of course, also makes Mondays far more tolerable. I prefer mine in IV form.

7.  Put the phone down.


The world will, in fact, not burn to the ground the second your iPrecious strays from sight. Rather than destroying your body's biological rhythms with the harsh lighting of cell phones, tablets, and computers, disconnect yourself from the world for a few hours. Your anxiety will decrease, you'll feel more at peace, and that nagging headache might even disappear.

8.  Play/listen to music.


Get down to some sick beats or unwind to sultry tunes. Happy and upbeat songs boost positive emotion, mellow tunes relax the mind, and various styles simply make you feel good. Whether it's a booming beat drop or your favorite concerto, your Monday will get better as you let the music flow through you.

9.  Smile.


Revel in the cliché! Physically forcing yourself to smile has a psychobiological effect. It makes you happier, which makes Monday better. Because smiles are contagious, it also improves your work environment. Plus, staying positive makes you physically feel better, maybe enough to pick back up that New Year's Resolution you let slide in February.

10.  Crack open a book.


Even if you hate reading, leaving our ADD world of LCD screens to read something on paper has several benefits. One of the most overlooked is that it forces you to focus on only the one thing in front of you, which is great for creating clarity that holds throughout your day.

On top of that, reading a book you find interesting is a great way to relax while feeling productive about the time you spend doing so. If nothing else, that new book smell ought to give you a high.

11. Hugs.


Endorphins are beautiful things. Get yours flowing by being close to people. Give a good friend a hug, or spend time in a small space with several people. We're meant to be with people. Much like during exercise, when you're up close and personal with another person, your brain begins to produce "happy chemicals."  Fight Monday's tyranny with hugs.

12.  Dress up.


Look good, feel good! Science proves it. When we dress up, we know we look better, instilling confidence in ourselves that causes us to ooze positivity and determination. You want to make Monday better? Look better than your coworkers.