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What Destiny Favors Your Personality?


"Fortune favors the brave."

That quote is credited to the Roman playwright Publius Terence, somewhere between 170-160 BC.

Sometimes "brave" is swapped for "bold." But in either case, it's nothing new. This statement was canonized long before the days of billionaire tech entrepreneurs and the wave of "10 Steps to Succeed in X" guides.

Long before you or I became familiar with risk and reward, and with the concept of sticking your neck out to get ahead, this guy wrote, "Fortune favors the brave."

At the time, it could have referred to battle, to asking a rich woman's frightening father for her hand in marriage, or to just about anything in between! There are plenty of rewards that take lots of bravery to achieve.

Whatever the context, it seems to have been common knowledge that great returns only come from great risk.

It's not some new concept taught by the Tony Robbins' and the Ariana Huffington's of the world. It's a fact of life that's been stress tested for at least 2,200 years! (Ironically, Terence is also credited with "Nothing is said that has not been said before.")


In other words, there's no lifehack to getting all the riches and joys of life. There's just this one method that's worked for millennia: Go for it.

All you have to do - the only thing you have to do - is go for it.

None of us have to be anything special. We can all do well, and succeed, and make a difference, and obtain this or that if only we are willing to take initiative!

Who cares if you make a few mistakes along the way? You have to do something!

You don't even need to be fearless, so long as you take calculated risks and boldly follow your goals! If there's something you know you need to do, but you're afraid, do it anyway.

Go for it. Be brave enough to follow your dreams.

Fortune favors the brave. What will favor you?