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What Do You Mean You're Not the Creative Type?

What Do You Mean You're Not the Creative Type

People often say things that baffle me. I can't expect that to change, but what should change is how people view themselves.

When someone says "I wish I was creative like that," they're not being meek. Most actually think they're not creative! They're wrong.

To be able to make choices, to have ideas, to think freely is to be creative! Creativity isn't a gene. There's no you-have-it-or-you-don't. Everyone's on a spectrum.

Where you fall on that spectrum has some to do with genetic make up, sure, but it has more to do with what's been encouraged and developed and strengthened over the years.

Creativity isn't a yes or a no, a 0 or a 1 thing. It's a scale of 1-10, where even the least have something.

Rainn Wilson Creative Type Everyone is an Artist

I'll often hear people talk about creatives as artists, designers, or novelists - occasionally those in advertising - as if they all started at the top!

The book you're reading wasn't the first thing she wrote. That designer didn't just wake up one day and make millions of dollars designing. No!

They worked on their craft and developed over years and years. Everyone's creative. You're creative! You just might not be doing anything with it.

You can be as creative or as non-creative as you want to be. Though, to not be creative is to stifle an important piece of the human psyche.

Problem-solving is creative. Decision-making is creative. Any idea you've ever suggested is creative. Anything you've ever made, tangible or otherwise, is creative.

We are all creative beings! It's not a matter of whether you're creative or not creative. It's a matter of what you do with your creativity.