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What Happened to Your Big Plans?


Whatever happened to those great things you were going to do?

Whatever happened to those skills you were hellbent on developing? To those great ideas you were going to materialize? To those projects that slipped away, or those places you've never seen? What happened to your big plans?

It's very common that wants and needs change. We discover that our skill sets don't align with those grandiose pictures of our future, or we simply grow to want different things. All that's perfectly okay! Life is rarely what we plan it to be. But it's also common, perhaps more so, that we simply give up.

We try one thing a couple of times, and when it doesn't work out like the movies, we forget about it. We don't even mind the hard work that goes into pursuing a passion. That makes the dream so much better when it's finally realized! We earned it! 

The problem comes when we don't earn anything, when we try and try and get no reward for all that effort. That's what makes us abandon our big plans - the sense of failure that we can't be great at what we love so much.

So we find love in different things, things where we can actually see growth and stability, even if we don't much care for those things.

Growth and stability are great things! But where's the pursuit of your dream? You have the ability. If you want to be a rockstar, keep going until you make it! Start that side project you always wanted. Open that auto store you dreamed of running. Become a part of that non-profit you care about so much.

Stir up those old passions you left behind when they didn't come easily. You deserve to have those passions in your life, and you have the abilities to take yourself wherever you want to go!

Life changes. We're constantly learning. But too often people mistake settling for learning. If there's something you strongly want to do, you have the freedom and the capabilities to develop yourself into a successful [whatever it is you want to be]! What's stopping you?