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What REALLY Motivates Me to Be Successful?


We all want different things, and we all take different paths to get those things.

Yet there's one particular "thing" that most of us have on our list.


It's defined in a billion and one different ways by a billion and one different people. And who's to say what the best way is to define success?

The definition I normally stick with is "doing your best work wherever you go, whatever you do."

I like it, partially because it's safe.

The ideal job, income, life, etc. changes from person to person. But doing your best work will almost always get you there, eventually.

Another reason I like this definition is that it doesn't just apply to personal achievement.

Doing your best work wherever you go also means being a good leader and mentor as a manager, not just someone trying to earn a quarterly bonus.

Doing your best work wherever you go also means leaving things in a better place when you go than when you got there.

That could be providing opportunities for your kids that you didn't have, positioning a business to run better once you're gone, or any myriad of opportunities that appear over a lifetime.

And that's what motivates me to be successful.


Success for me will include influence, and money, and power, and respect. If I'm doing my best work wherever I go, those things should become byproducts. And I'd be thrilled to have them!

But more importantly, the people who have more money and recognition tend to have more opportunities to create lasting change. That's what motivates me to be successful.

That by doing my best work wherever I go, I'll be able to become a change agent for more people and bigger problems.

If I run a business, I can make a difference in each employee's life, and in the lives of their families. If I become an author, I can make a difference in the lives and careers of my readers.

If I get involved in non-profits or politics, I can make a lasting impact on entire people groups. If I do well for myself, my family will be in a better place.

I want to become successful, because I want to make a lasting, positive impact on others and on the world that will still be around after I'm gone. All of this starts with doing my best work where I am today - in my career and in my home.

As I get better, and achieve more "materialistic" success, I'll have more opportunities to do my best work in more places, and to help more people.

And that get me really motivated.