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What Should You Do When Your Plan Doesn't Work Out?


Plans get results.

That's what they teach us. And it's true - sort of.

You can't reach your goals without a plan to get there, just like you can't get to a restaurant without knowing which roads to take.

You set a goal - the destination you're going to reach. And then you figure out what you need to do every day - which roads to take - to reach that goal.

But there's a problem.

What happens when a road block comes out of nowhere?

What happens when you've set your goal, you've followed your plan, and for whatever reason you fall short?

Was your plan wrong? Are you not good enough?

What in the world are you supposed to do now?!

Sometimes our plans and our dreams are going to fall into oblivion. Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

And there's one simple solution.

Pick up the pieces, and decide what to do next.


As you worked toward your original goal, you learned lessons, developed skills, and likely made a handful of good contacts along the way.

So what if the end game didn't play out how you wanted! What are you going to with what you have now?

When your plan doesn't work out, it's time to take everything you have - your talents, your resources - and come up with a new plan.

Will you set the same goal? Will you pick a new skill you gained along the way and focus on that? Or will you choose something entirely different?

If your plan doesn't work out, it doesn't mean you've failed. Failure is throwing in the towel.

It just means it's time to try again with more knowledge and abilities than you had before!

It means it's time for you to create a new plan. So what will it be?