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Why Should You Create Every Day?


You have no idea what it is your audience is going to enjoy. I have no idea what my audience is going to enjoy! Here's why that's important.

Your favorite ideas, best executed strategies, and most grandiose schemes could all amount to nothing. It's difficult to create something that people not only want to consume, but also want to share.

Sure, there are tips and tricks to improve your chances, but you still won't have a good guess at what will do well until you've created a whole bunch of stuff.

It's a common rule in marketing. Create a bunch of content on a bunch of different topics in a bunch of different formats, and put it all on a bunch of different sites. Then follow the numbers of what performed best, and try to make more of that while simultaneously improving your work. Simple, right?

The key here is that you have to have a lot of content before you can see what stands out. You should be creating every day so that you have more than a snowball's chance in Hell of figuring out what your audience actually finds valuable.

Here's what I've learned. I never know how "good" one of my posts is. It's difficult for me to judge my writing when I'm constantly looking at it. I can't tell on which days people are more active or more likely to click on a link.

I feel as though I discuss the same things fairly often. I struggle to come up with new ideas and experiences. But I know that roughly one in every eight or nine posts will be a relative hit. Think of it like baseball.

The greatest home run hitters of all time still had a - what - .330 batting average? They only got on base 1/3 of the time they stepped up to the plate. So how'd they end up with 500+ home runs in their career? By stepping up to the plate over and over and over again. That's why you should create every day.

You need to be creating every day.

You need to be publishing every day, writing every day, taking pictures every day, posting every day, filming every day, sketching every day, working on whatever your craft is every day! 

You never have any idea of what will resonate with your audience until you place a whole bunch of stuff in front of them to judge. You'll only find out by creating every day.