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Why You Shouldn't Have Any New Year's Resolutions This Year


For over 2000 years, people of all nations and ages have sat down in late December to make resolutions for what they're going to accomplish or change in the following year. If you're one of the millions still half-heartedly creating lackluster or unattainable goals for yourself starting January 1st, do yourself a favor and stop.

Before you run amok overpopulating gyms and coffee shops in an effort to finally shed those pesky pounds or start that book you've always wanted to write, take a step back, think, and come to terms with yourself.

"Is this really something that's important to me? If it's so important why haven't I done it before? What about the turn of the year makes any difference? Why should I wait another day? Should I wait until later in the year? Why should I bother at all?"

Is what you're planning to do actually important to you? I hope so. If you answered "yes," then what's stopping you from starting today? Sure there's a fun boost of momentum from jumping on the traditional bandwagon, but if that's the only reason you're setting out on this escapade, you're doomed to crash and burn. I don't mean that you'll fail, necessarily. But whenever a goal is made by emotion, it is inevitably going to fall apart. Emotions are wonderful, but fickle. Why set a meaningful goal on a fickle foundation? Once your emotions change, so will your motivation. If the only reason you're beginning your New Year's Resolution is for the sake of tradition, you're going to waste your January on something that does not matter to you.

Either make it a priority, or don't do it.

If what you've set out to do is in fact a priority, something that genuinely matters to you, then why wait another day? Maybe you're extremely busy running around during these holidays and haven't had time to set pen to paper. But you're always going to be busy, so what significance does January 1st have over November 17th or May 8th?

If it's actually important to you, don't wait.

I understand the fun in making New Year's Resolutions. I do. I also understand the thrill in accomplishing goals, whether they be small or bucket-list items. Ultimately, if something is important to you to create, finish, or accomplish, go ahead and take the first step towards making it happen. Right now. A few weeks worth of a fad is a sad reason not to follow through on a could-be life-changer simply because your emotions changed.

Sure, life will get in the way of any plans you make. Very rarely does anything go smoothly. But if you're going to take the effort to start something, you'll be so much happier to finish it, or at least to see it through to the end.

Rather than end January with, "well, at least I tried," finish your resolution joyfully with, "What's next?"