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Listicles Are the Best. That's Why I Stopped Writing Them


Listicles effectively control the digital content market. They get all the highest rates, the most click-throughs, the most shares, etc. People love them! And why shouldn't they? It's so much easier to digest information when it's chunked into bite-sized pieces.

Plus, listicles are generally easier to create. You don't have to be an expert on anything. You just have to be able to write a paragraph or two on several sub-points. Across the board, listicles are the best form of content for blogs and publishers. So why would I stop writing them?

If you've kept up with me, you know I'm on this 6.6 million word journey to become a great writer. If you haven't kept up with me, just know it's my goal and dream to become a great writer.

That's one of the main reasons why I started writing and blogging every day! That's the same reason why I stopped writing listicles.

In my short stack of experience (mostly writing a handful of pieces for Lifehack and Elite Daily), there's two directions to go with listicles: light and breezy, or solid research.

Either you present a bunch of points to quickly entertain, or you create a very thorough overview of a topic people are actively wanting to learn more about.

One takes very little time and skill, while the other takes a lot of time and a lot of skill. I feel that I'm in between.

What I need for daily practice is not to create a bunch of lists for either entertainment or SEO purposes (both of which are valid reasons).

What I need is to take a point and elaborate on it. More so than a finished, hyper-sharable product, I need to be focusing on processes that help me improve daily.

For the time being, cultivating these 400-word musings is a great way for me to practice, and to make sure I can do it every day. There's no way I could do a listicle a day that wasn't utter garbage!

Listicles are the best forms of content as far as standard engagement rates go. But the best copy/writing/content is that which fulfills its intended purpose. My purpose for writing and blogging is to become a better writer, and listicles won't help me do that.